Local Move Calculator

This calculator can help estimate your local move, however there are generalizations made. This tool has been simplified so most customers can try to estimate their move. If you want a more accurate quote please call tvelinvest.ru at or click here to request a quote.

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  • Additional Items
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Drive time: Estimate the drive time between origin and destination. Remember, tvelinvest.ru calculates time in 15 minute increments.
As a general rule:
1 – 10 mile drive may take 15 minutes
11 – 25 mile drive may take 30 minutes
26 – 40 mile drive may take 45 minutes
41 – 60 mile drive may take 60 minutes

Carry: Estimate the distance between where the truck can park and your door. Estimate in feet. **Hard time measuring, the average step for an adult is 1.5 to 2 feet. Count the steps and multiply by 2. Back to the top

Flights of Stairs: How many flights of stairs between the truck and your door.

Elevator: Will an elevator be used during the move. If we are using the elevator, you do not need to enter the amount of flights of stairs.Back to the top

Bedroom(s): Enter the number of bedrooms you will be moving. This calculation assumes each bedroom has 1 bed, 2 night stands, dresser, chest of drawers, 10 medium boxes, and 4 wardrobes boxes.

Living room(s): Enter the number of living rooms or dens. This calculation assumes each living room has 1 sofa, 1 love seat, 1 coffee table, 2 end tables, 1 small TV stand, 1 TV, and 10 medium boxes.

Kitchen: Check yes if the kitchen will be moved. This calculation assumes 1 refrigerator, 1 microwave, small kitchen table, 4 chairs, 7 dishpaks, and 3 medium boxes.

Dinning Room: Check yes if the dinning room will be moved. This calculation assumes 1 buffet cabinet, 1 dinning room table, 6 chairs, and 5 medium boxes.

Office: Check yes if the office will be moved. This calculation assumes 1 desk, 1 chair, 1 bookcase, 1 file cabinet, 1 computer, and 10 small boxes. Back to the top

Boxes: Enter the number of additional boxes. This calculation assumes these boxes are medium size (3.0 cube) boxes.

Sofa(s): Enter the number of additional sofas.

TV(s): Enter the number of additional regular sized TVs.

Bookcase(s): Enter the number of bookcases.

Check yes if you have any additional items, like:

  • Entertainment Center
  • 2nd Refrigerator
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Piano (Note: most pianos need at least 3 men on the job)

Select the Number of men. you would like to help move your goods. If the move takes longer than 9 hours try increasing the man power. When changing the number of men, you will notice the cost of your move will be around the same price. However the more men on the job, the less time your move will take.

Total Time is the estimated time the move should take. Remember this is a crude tool. Actual time may be different. Double drive time is already included.

Estimated cost is based on the estimated time multiplied by our hourly rate. There are no additional charges or fees. Back to the top